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Perfect pairing

12 June 2014
Perfect pairing IF you are thinking of adopting a rescue cat, why not give some thought to rehoming a pair of cats.
You may think that taking on two cats would mean double the expense, double the work etc but this needn't be the case. And if you are out at work during the day, then they will be great company for each other.
Often you will find that two cats that have lived together all their lives are happy to share their litter tray. Of course, with two cats sharing you might have to change it more often (if they are indoor cats) but most garden centres and pet stores now sell large bags of litter, cheaper in the long run than smaller ones bought from the supermarket.
Catfood manufacturers have also started making double pouches of food specifically with pairs of cats in mind so your cats would always have a fresh tasty meal without you having to keep tins fresh in the fridge, or having to feed your cats the same flavour two meals running.
We often find that after someone adopts a single rescue cat from Cats Protection, they come back a few months later asking us for a companion cat. There can be problems finding a suitable cat, and then you have the job of introducing one cat to the other, something that can't be rushed.
If you take on a pair of cats that have always been together you would never need to worry about them not getting along.
At Cats Protection we often have pairs of cats who need to find a new home through no fault of their own. 
If you can find room in your home and heart for one cat, why not two?