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Neuter your cat for £10

28 February 2017
Neuter your cat for £10 OUR popular Neuter your Cat for £10 programme, aimed at people on benefits and low incomes, is restarting in March.  Anyone qualifying for help only has to pay £10 - the remainder of the cost of the operation is covered by a voucher which we send direct to your vet. 
There is always a huge uptake for this very successful annual campaign.
Without neutering the UK's cat population would quickly get out of control.
Neutering your cat has many health benefits as well as helping to reduce the number of unwanted cats in the UK.
Unneutered male cats are less likely to roam and therefore less likely to end up injured on the roads. They are less likely to spray inside the house and less likely to end up in fights with other cats.
Female kittens can come into heat as early as four months so it's important not to let your kitten outside until she has been spayed - normally vets in this area will do the operation when they are around six months old.
To find out about the voucher scheme call Lorna on 01259 720405. You can also email our website.