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Wanted: Together forever home

31 May 2017
Wanted: Together forever home STOP PRESS...STOP PRESS

At the weekend Mina and Popsie found their forever home.
We are delighted that these two lovely cats will get to stay together although we are going to miss them a lot in the shelter. In a short space of space of time our volunteers have really fallen in love with them.
They will be going out to live in the country so plenty of space for them to wander and enjoy lazing in the sunshine.

Popsie and Mina are two lovely older cats who desperately need to fined a forever home that will allow them to stay together. They are in the shelter because their owner had to move in with her family and her grandson is allergic to cats. The lady is missing them so much but her heartlfelt wish is that they be allowed to stay together.
Since coming into the shelter they have become firm favourites with all the volunteers. They love nothing better than getting out of their pen, especially at coffee time. Popsie's a boy and like most men he just wants to grab the comfiest chair while pretty girl Mina just can't get enough cuddles. She will 'high five' you to make sure you don't forget she is there!
They've been at the shelter a few weeks now so if you are thinking about adopting, why not consider this lovely twosome.
You can read more about Popsie and Mina on our Adopt a Cat pages.
If you are interested either email our website or call Sandra on 01259 213692.