s and S on sofaSooty and Sweep's together forever home

Sooty and Sweep in baslet

As previously reported our lovely elderly girls Sooty and Sweep (pictured right in the shelter) found a wonderful new home in time for Christmas thanks to the lovely Joyce who has chosen them to be her purrr...fect companions.
Its not all been plain sailing since Joyce took the girls home to live with her but as you can see from the photo ( above left) they have really settled in to their new surroundings.
Both cats have an over active thyroid, quite common in elderly cats, and that means they have to take daily medication. Joyce has developed a clever way of getting them to take their medicine.
She said: "I've developed a full proof method of dispensing lately too...

"I buy a packet of 4 chicken leg quarters from Asda (approx £2.20 for the packet), boil them in a little water until they're thoroughly cooked through, entirely strip the carcasses, only throwing out the bones, and let what's left cool.  The water turns to jelly and I put this with the meat and skin in a food processor and blend until it looks a bit like pate. Then I put the mixture into ice cube trays, once frozen - pop the cubes into a plastic bag and take one out of the freezer every couple of days.  They've got quite a good texture so you can mould them into little balls and pop a pill inside them. 

 "They practically don't even get a chance to touch the sides!"

Both cats have put on weight since leaving the shelter and their thyroid condition is well controlled. However, Sooty has had to be taken off her meds due to a skin condition which the vet thinks is being aggravated by the medication.

She's due back at the vet soon.

Meanwhile Sweep is obsessed with getting tummy rubs and rolls over at every opportunity.

Joyce just can't imagine life without her girls.